Lead Generation
for Modern Lenders

Using AI powered paid traffic and custom landing pages we have developed a way to match private lenders with qualified investors who are actively seeking funding for real estate transactions

Packed with
cutting-edge features

We spent years developing the data and tools that made this system possible. Here are some of the ways we are able to implement them into your business to help you generate more leads and grow your business

Razer Sharp Targeting

We leverage our massive list of real estate investors as a data source to help guide and shape our ad targeting. We have spent over 5 years building the worlds best data source of qualified real estate investors

Custom Landing Pages

We spent years testing different landing pages until we came up with the pages we use for clients now. These pages allow us to convert traffic at upwards of 25%, compared to the industry standard of 5%

Heat Mapping Technology

Just because our landing pages are good doesn't mean we don't still improve them. We use custom built heat mapping technology to instantly identify potential points of friction and remove them from the process immediately

Automated Follow Ups

Most of the leads we generate are ready to rock and roll right away, but some people need more time. When this is the case our automated, 3 month, SMS follow up technology makes sure to keep dropping touch points to give us the best chance of reeling them back in and getting a deal done

Conversational AI Flow

Generating more leads is wonderful, but we also need to be sure they are being serviced properly. Our conversational AI chat bot can handle full conversations with prospective and existing clients. This allows you to invest your time back into more important areas of your business

Industry Leading Analytics

We base everything we do on numbers. We track everything, from number of leads, to cost per lead, to conversion rate, to lifetime earnings, etc. This way you have all the info needed to make high level decisions right at your fingertips, displayed on your custom client dashboard

Personalized Support
Like No Other

We don't believe that people should have to send emails and wait in support chats to get answers to their important questions.

1 on 1 Client Success Manager

All of our clients are paired up with their very own client success manager. This is your point man for everything regarding any of our systems. Text them, call them, write them a letter if you wish. They are in place entirely for your disposal.

Monthly Group Huddles

In addition to your dedicated client success manager, once a month we organize a conference call with our founder, our head of marketing, and you are also welcome to invite anyone you would like. Putting all of our heads together allows us to come up with new ideas that we might not have otherwise and ensures we never get complacent, no matter how good the results might be.

Coaching From Industry Leaders

The better our clients are at their jobs the easier ours becomes. Although we strictly work with highly capable operators, we still find there to be immense value in looking at things from different perspectives. Every 2 weeks we do a group call with an industry leader where all of our clients can pick their brain on a conference call

Community Group

All of our clients are added into our community group where they can chat with all of our other clients. We find that prioritizing ongoing communication is one of key components to ensure ideas for innovation happen frequently

How to get started

We pride ourselves on our speed to lead system. From the moment a client decides to work with us we start sending them leads in as little as 12 hours by leveraging our simple 3 step process.

Schedule a Call

After filling out our initial application, if your market is available you will be directed to book in a call with one of our team members. From there we will answer any questions you may have and schedule in a time for onboarding


Our onboarding calls take less than 30 minutes and are designed around maxium efficiency and attention to detail. This is where we learn as much about your business as possible and take care of setting up all the neccesary integrations

Start Receiving Leads

All of our clients systems are launched within 6 hours of their onboarding calls being completed. After we launch everything we usually start to see leads anywhere from 12 to 24 hours after going live. We don't believe in long set up times or taking weeks to "test and optimize". We have tested everything prior with our own money.